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Website Design

Front-end Development

Copy write


Joshuas Tile LLC


Joshua Stile LLC requested a clean and modern redesign for their Tile and Stone business. We used light and bright colors with unique accents and gave them a sleek website to showcase their wonderful Tile work. Their website is ready to WOW! prospective clients for years to come. Completely future proof and low maintenance.

What we've done

1. Brand refresh with LOGO creation

2. Website redesign & optimization

3. Forms integration

4. Social media channels integration

Joshuas Tile asked as to help

— Give them a brand refresh

— Provide links to their social media platforms

— Image acquisition, copy write, provide monthly site maintenance

We provided links to their social media platforms, and even created a tasteful new logo to compliment their new website. Additional services included copy-write and images acquisition, and continued monthly website maintenance.

We built the website with simplicity and style. Landing page websites may be just what you need to help clients quickly get to know who you are and what you do. Clear call to action buttons within the different sections give your site visitors a quick and easy way to contact you. 🙂

What's next for Joshua Stile

Further integration with their other social media platforms, expanded payment and services are just a few of the expansions built into their website.

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