Health Care We Care

Service provided

Website Design

Front-end Development

Copy write


Health Care We Care


Medicare Insurance websites can look very corporate. Healthcare We Care wanted an informational website with the feel and look of a local Hawaii business.

What we've done

1. Brand refresh, logo generation

2. Web design & optimization

3. Copy-write and images acquisition, domain name acquisition

4. continued monthly website maintenance

Heathcare We Care asked as to help

— Establish their presence on the world wide web

— Optimize their website for better SEO rankings

— Match their local Hawaii style and add a professional but not corporate look

Creating a mobile friendly experience with clear and targeted messaging was definitely a goal. 🙂

What's next for HealthCareWeCare

Whether HCWC plans to provide specific insurance products or other offerings in the future, their site is ready to expand since is was built on a solid foundation that makes expansion a breeze

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